Saturday, August 22, 2009

Progress report

We have been enjoying (finally) some wonderful solar heating weather here in southern Ontario, Canada. With the exception of a couple of violent storms which included lightning and tornados, we have had one beautiful hot day after another.

The DIY solar heater has been working flawlessly, tracking the sun when it was visible and providing free heat to our large swimming pool which reached a peak of 82 degrees F/27.7 degrees C. The kids say that the pool has never been this warm.

I've continued doing time lapse videos and posting these to youtube. Because the array moves so slowly (the sun moves 15 degrees in an hour) it is difficult to see the motion without timelapse. Here is another example:
There are currently 11 of my videos about this project on youtube. Please check them out. I am "georgeplhak" on

The plans are coming along - honestly!