Friday, March 19, 2010

Plan availability?

Allen J*** wrote:

"How are those plans coming along? Don't mean to be a bother just anxious to see them.

Hello Allen,

No bother at all. Your interest is most welcome.

The plans are finished: 90 pages in color, 205 illustrations and pictures, the two large patterns and the hyper-linked document. In February I made another motor drive from the plans just to check that my dimensions were all correct. I've sent out copies to 12 reviewers a week ago and I am waiting for some reactions/suggestions/comments to come back. I am working on the web page to set up a description, sample pages and the ordering info. I've registered a copyright and got an ISBN and a bar code for the back cover.

I hope to have everything finished this weekend.

The snow has melted here. I wandered out back to check the system and everything seems just like it was last fall. The acrylic mirrors are perfectly smooth and bright. The collectors get very hot (way too hot to touch) as the sun passes overheat but the swimming pool is a solid block of ice and the underground pipes are still frozen so I can't circulate the water.


I've assembled some of the comments from the readers of this blog and the project page:

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