Friday, October 14, 2011

Index - Comparing concentrator to flat plate solar collector

I have compared the heating performance of two interesting home built DIY (Do It Yourself) solar collectors: a traditional flat plate collector and a concentrating parabolic trough collector. The tests involved mounting both at the same time in a solar test jig which allows precise aiming of the collectors at the sun's track. Both insulated and non-insulated configurations of each collector design were built and tested. Both solar tracked and stationary mountings were used for the flat plate collector. The concentrating collector requires tracking for it to function.

As a part of the tests, a new approach is presented for making an insulated concentrator collector as an extension of the design presented in my plan book How to build a tracking parabolic solar collector.

This is a work in progress and the entries as written in this blog probably aren't in the best order to read about my testing project. The index below ties together the related posts in the recommended reading order.

Compare concentrator to flat plate solar collector DIY

Compare to flat plate collector?
Solar test jig
Data recorder and accuracy
1 Comparing concentrator to flat plate solar collector
Uninsulated, stationary flat plate
2 Comparing concentrator to flat plate solar collector
Uninsulated, both track
Insulating the flat plate collector
An insulated collector for the concentrator
3 Comparing concentrator to flat plate solar collector
Insulated, stationary flat plate
4 Comparing concentrator to flat plate solar collector
Insulated, both track
Stagnation test
Concentrator absorber condition after stagnation test
More about evacuated tubes

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George Plhak
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Steve said...

Hi George,
You do fine work. Thanks for posting this.

I don't know if the weather was similar enough for this to make sense; can you use your data to compare tracking vs. fixed for the same type collector?


Mike said...

Excellent attention to detail and thank you for the chronological index.

George Plhak said...

Apologies for not having the ambient recorded for the first test, it is for the other three comparisons. My recollection of the first and second day was that they were similar, until the second day clouded over.

Thank you for your kind comments.

Concentrator  said...

Hii George, excellent article you shared with us. You described everything easily. Thanks for sharing the article. Keep sharing.