Tuesday, September 24, 2013

why two of the same is better

You are never without when you have a backup, a source of spare parts and working knowledge. The latest thing that everyone wants is not necessarily better for you.

I am working on my old radial arm saw - cleaning and tuning. I have moved this saw and all my other tools about 200km so it has been partial disassembled, shaken, bumped and otherwise mistreated. I must check all the adjustments so that it is ready to make parts for my projects.

One of the position locks did not lock. I inherited another of the same model radial saw with my new shop but I like mine better so I began looking at both of them to compare.

If I did not have the "spare" machine, I might not have realized that this funny nut lock thingy (click on the picture to enlarge it) has the tang broken in the center. You can see what it should look like on the one at left. The tang goes into the slot in the bolt and keeps the bolt from turning.

Because I have two of the same thing, I have the good spare part from the spare machine to make mine work properly. DeWalt who made the saw I am sure would not sell this part for a 50 year old saw.

I call this the Principle of Two. I wrote about that here:


The Principle of Two worked for me with my old Honda motorcycle also. I bought a parts bike of the same model and year and used it to learn from and to rebuild my own. Lots of good spare parts. Since that Honda was somewhat rare, I was able to sell bits I didn't need and I think paid for my own.

These old saws are almost being given away on Kijiji. Maybe $80 or "please take it away" so I think when I am finished getting what I need from it, it will go to scrap metal. What a shame. Truthfully, I don't have the room for two of them.

George Plhak

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