Monday, March 24, 2014

new book update 2

The new book is finished!

It is almost twice the length of the first book, 155 pages, +300 figures.

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Thank you for your interest.

George Plhak
Lion's Head, Ontario, Canada

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Anonymous said...

What would the difficulties be of doing this horizontally? My idea is for over winter heating of a greenhouse. The solar collectors would be horizontal near the ground on the southern side of the greenhouse perhaps in just a small enclosed area. Also using the flow through evacuated tubes like Ancel Gray did here...

The evacuated tubes seem like a great idea for northern colder climates, but the commercial tubes with one end sealed seem to not lend itself to very efficient heat transfer maybe? I'm sure testing and such would reveal more information, but the flow through vacuum tubes would seem to have some great possibilities as the water would be in direct contact with the pipes.


George Plhak said...

Hello Anonymous. I don't normally answer anonymous questions.

I started my effort with the array horizontal then went through some difficulty to raise the north end to improve the orientation, so I would say that horizontal is easier. You have probably noticed that the huge commercial arrays are horizontal? I discuss this a bit in the book.

Ancel used my concepts but added quite a bit of complexity to not be horizontal. Maybe I don't understand your question?

Open at both end evacuated tubes are available. I give a source in but they are not at all common. I decided to use the open at one end tubes because I could get them without importing a carton.

About the relative efficiency I am not sure. I think it would be rather the advantage of simpler plumbing by using the open both end tubes.