Monday, January 23, 2017

interesting diy solar concentrators

I have been watching the progress of сергей юрко on YouTube with his very interesting solar trough project.

сергей юрко is Sergey Briskly according to Google Translate. He describes himself as "Sergey, Mirgorod, Poltava region" (Ukraine) and gives his phone number in the video description on YouTube. He has a series of videos in which he describes the construction method and progress of his split trough solar concentrator, intended for heat capture and electricity production. His videos I've watched so far show the progress of what is now a rather large array.

I am using Google Translate to understand what I can.

In this latest video, Sergey walks the viewer through the array and the process of building from ordinary building materials with ordinary tools. He even shows the fasteners he is using.

The reflectors are an interesting split design. He is located at almost 50N latitude so for winter use, his array would point fairly low in the sky.

The array does not have provision for tracking. Sergey has oriented the array east-west with seasonality adjustment on the back legs of the frame (where the yellow back leg joins the blue)? The bottoms of the ribs are hinged where they meet the ground support so the array "tilt" can be adjusted to better match the season.

The construction of the collector assembly, with insulation and multiple copper collector tubes is interesting. Although glass wool insulation decouples the collectors from some wind and thermal loss from the front, it does nothing to decouple the collectors from heat loss to the ambient air. It should be possible although more complex to use insulated glass tubes in the design.

Sergey presents numerous charts in Russian text. I would love to understand more about his work. This latest video is from last week and fairly complete (31 minutes). I encourage you to look at his work. I have not yet had any correspondence with Sergey.

Sergey: you will have a wider audience if you edit the automatic transcription of YouTube CC (closed caption) text on the video so viewers better understand your narration in other languages, like English. The default transcription (voice recognition) is not very good and gives poor language translation results.

I heard recently from Ebrahim Hashemi in Shiraz, Iran.

I am Ebrahim Hashemi, from Shiraz, Iran and I have invented the new method of ‘fixed-focus solar concentrators’ which is a unique method of using solar parabolic dishes.
Now, please introduce my website to all individuals interested in the solar energy.
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Respectfully yours

I found it interesting that Ebrahim is keeping the center of rotation of the dish the same as the focal point. This is essentially what I have done with my parabolic trough. It makes the tracking mechanism simpler. I did ask him how he accomplishes the bearing on the back of the dish.

Some ideas from the internet for your inspiration.

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This morning, Sergey is showing copious amounts of steaming water in the snow.