Friday, February 23, 2018

sergiy yurko solar thermal concentrator

For some months I have been watching interesting YouTube videos from сергей юрко of Ukraine who, over the last two years, has built an impressively sized (58 sq. m of mirrors) east-west oriented concentrating solar trough heater.

Sergiy uses the array to provide heat for a home in winter and a swimming pool in summer in Mirgorod, Poltava region, Ukraine, about 50N latitude. In this video, he provides an English explanation of his steam demonstration.

In this video from about a year ago, he gives an overview. His previous videos are in Russian.

He uses strips of salvaged glass mirror attached to a clever stationary frame. Note the simple locking height adjusters that allow tilting the frame to match the seasons without using motorized tracking.

I was surprised and pleased to see his English videos as Sergiy Yurko. This is new. Sergiy is still adding to his Russian videos like this one from a week ago.

Note that he shows my work in his intro at 0:09-0:11!

Thanks for your interest.
George Plhak
Lions Head, Ontario, Canada


Unknown said...

I tried to contact Sergey Yurko about his collectors. I have my own systems..He is younger ...I am 78 yrs old.
I am an ex-teacher in teachers colleges. ...retired.
I wonder if he would be interested to contact me... also at ""
I am now busy in transportation...but as soon as possible will move to desalination in Egypt using solar ...
I believe in multi-discipline solutions to problems .
Michel Gamil Rabbat
Holiday Florida USA

George Plhak said...

Update from Sergiy today with durability after four years and many interesting details.
I like this design.

Someone said...

How do I contact sergiy yurko. Please share his contact information on

George Plhak said...

I am not in contact with him. Send him a message from his YouTube video?

Jeff See said...

I have recently been interested in your blog posts about the trough concentrator of Sergiy Yurko. I too am the inventor or new trough solar concentrators. I would also like to contact Sergiy to ask him some questions about his system. I don't know how to contact someone thru their YouTube posts. If you will answer me you can contact me at
Thank you,
Jeffrey Citron

Sammy Robs said...

Hi George,

Have you ever been able to get in touch with Sergiy? My company would like to help him leave Ukraine and finance future R&D. Please let me know if you can get in touch with him. Thank you!


George Plhak said...

I see his last post on YouTube
"My Ukrainian solar station and Russian bombs"
I am not in touch with him.
Have you tried to write to him through YouTube?
Good Luck