Friday, February 23, 2018

sergey yurko solar thermal concentrator

For some months I have been watching interesting YouTube videos from сергей юрко of Ukraine who, over the last two years, has built an impressively sized (58 sq. m of mirrors) east-west oriented concentrating solar trough heater.

Sergey uses the array to provide heat for a home in winter and a swimming pool in summer in Mirgorod, Poltava region, Ukraine, about 50N latitude. In this video, he provides an English explanation of his steam demonstration.

In this video from about a year ago, he gives an overview. His previous videos are in Russian.

He uses strips of salvaged glass mirror attached to a clever stationary frame. Note the simple locking height adjusters that allow tilting the frame to match the seasons without using motorized tracking.

I was surprised and pleased to see his English videos as Sergey Yurko. This is new. Sergey is still adding to his Russian videos like this one from a week ago.

Note that he shows my work in his intro at 0:09-0:11!

Thanks for your interest.
George Plhak
Lions Head, Ontario, Canada

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Unknown said...

I tried to contact Sergey Yurko about his collectors. I have my own systems..He is younger ...I am 78 yrs old.
I am an ex-teacher in teachers colleges. ...retired.
I wonder if he would be interested to contact me... also at ""
I am now busy in transportation...but as soon as possible will move to desalination in Egypt using solar ...
I believe in multi-discipline solutions to problems .
Michel Gamil Rabbat
Holiday Florida USA