Monday, April 15, 2019

series parallel

I wondered about the recent web traffic here from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

I visited the referring link and found some of my work at MIT Circuits and Electronics Spring 2019 Lab 9 (scroll down to "The Challenge"), illustrated with one of my diagrams and a concept from my piece on fixing LED string lights.

I am honored. Welcome MIT students.

The MIT labs are pretty cool. There is recommended music! For Lab 9 "Tesla - Modern Day Cowboy"

I had illustrated a concept with actual data as a waveform on a 40 year old Tektronix storage oscilloscope, something that today's students will probably never see. Likely why the MIT author turned that into a graph. The MIT function generator has menus, mine has knobs.

But the physics remains the same.

Thanks for your interest!

George Plhak
Lions Head, Ontario, Canada

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