Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Lachlan M of Australia wrote:

I recently bought your down-loadable plans on how to make a solar parabolic trough.

Thank you so much for your excellent work.

What I find most inspiring is that you have made your many years of research available to anyone with a searching mind who can afford $25. As such you have made available to a huge number of people the technology to collect a large amount of the sun's radiation.

You could have opened an expensive Solar Trough manufacturing business but you have gifted the world with your educative ideas instead. Thank you indeed. 

Wow! THANK YOU for the kind words Lachlan!


Michael Motes said...

How about insulating the tubes with a vacuum and using powerful feed pump to move molten salt through the pipes and a heat exchanger?

George Plhak said...

Thanks Michael. Molten salt sounds a bit dangerous to me. I am working on another approach for high temperature operation but it is a little early to talk about it. It will use vacuum insulated tubes. Let me know if you try the molten salt approach?