Thursday, September 01, 2011

reader projects

Occasionally I get feedback from readers of my book showing how they have implemented their own version of my plans, often making improvements for their own situation.

Andrew Gray of Austin, TX recently sent me a video showing his own innovation of a dual axis tracking frame. The reflectors pivot to follow the sun and the whole frame pivots to adjust for seasonal variation.

The frame is zinc galvanized 3" EMT electrical conduit with rounded corners also made from standard EMT arc welded together. Andrew has used 1-1/4" CPVC (hot water PVC) tubing inside the frame to conduct the water to the collectors.

Very nicely done Andrew. I look forward to getting your updates. I love your Dan Rojas (greenpowerscience) imitation.

You can write to Andrew at ancelgray "AT" YAH00.C0M or contact him via YouTube.

Another project video from Sulaiman in Amman, Jordan that is very nicely done. Thank you Sulaiman! I love the hot soundtrack!

Sept 29 2011 - Update video from Andrew:

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