Friday, September 23, 2011

Another reader project

B. Snyder near Tampa, FL wrote to me about a solar heater he is building with his sister to heat a hot tub. They are making fine progress as you can see from this completed reflector picture he sent me. They have decided to build four four foot sections. "Kudos to you for putting this all together! We're having a blast doing this project." he writes.

He used Adobe Illustrator to convert the .pdf drawings supplied with my plans to Illustrator outlines that import directly into his sister's computer controlled router. Here is how the parts nested on the CAM router. He says that each of these hangers took about 4 minutes to complete.

"There's my sister hiding behind the end-hole drilling fixture. She makes high-end kitchens and other fine furniture and cabinetry, so this was fun for her."

Thanks for your email! I'm looking forward to another progress update.

I wanted to point out that I have .dxf files of the ribs and hangers that I will send to anyone who buys the plans and requests these.

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